Friday, July 2, 2010

long time nt writing...

hurm..nt reli thnking of writing cian sma ni blog,huhu..nnt msa d mesir bru update kali ni, many many many thng hppen diz whole week..hurm,xtw mw crta ka x..some of them reli make me sick..i thnk im sick these few days bcoz of it actly,huhu..anyway,some gud thngs hppen too..i get 2 knw sum1 new..sum1 i wish cud b my sis..sbb xda big sis kan jg,huhu..reli felt great dpt knl dia..sis,i owe u a lot,hehe..i nvr close 2 any1 dat i care like my sis xcept my senior in boarding school..but wit u,i cn share most everythng..i hope its nt a mstake 2 hv trust in u..apart frm all da bad thngs hppen 2 me,u r one of da thng dat make me feel better.hehe..reli hope we will nver lost cntct..jz in case u will read diz nnt,keep reading my blog especially when i chow frm here k??n sis,pliz take care of him..reli syg him..u knw hw much i love him n care for him..pliz,he is important 2 me..cnt live witout him..hurm...

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