Tuesday, November 9, 2010

step of Receptor mediated endocytosis~~

Ligands bind to specific receptor on cell membrane 

Formation of ligand-receptor complex 

The complex aggregate in coated pits 

Clatherin coated pits invaginate 

Separation from cell membrane (Coated vesicles )

Coated vesicles Lose their clatherin coat 

Coated vesicles Fuse with 
-Early endosome 
-Late endosome 

Lysosome fuses with the endosome and digest of its content 

Clatherin move back to the membrane 

Receptors move back to the membrane

p/s:purpose sbnr post ni spy dpt ingt utk test esok..AMIN~~n preventing me dr mncrtakan kjadian pas klas ari ni~~biarlah yg tw jak yg tw pa jd,hehehe~~

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