Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

entry b4 tdur kejap utk bgn aftr midnite nnt..

proud of 4 diz few days??hurm...nthng much 2 b proud of koz im jz a gurl..hamba Allah..apa sgt la yg mnakjubkan yg kta bwt kan??hebat lg kuasa Allah..kan3??

nyway week b4 diz,i manage 2 safe sum money..even ended up spending it ysterday,haha..okei..tujuan safe money or i rather call 'puasa duit' is 2 save my money,hehe..mmg la mama n abah sllu tny 'ada lg rm?'..nt mean i cud buy watever i wan..lgpun p klas sgt mncabar..maaaaaaakan jak keja, i stop bring money 2 class n alhamdulillah..berhasil xpkai duit,hehe..inshaAllah nxt week pun..koz i gt my choclate 2 spread on bread 4 bfast alrdy..from sum1 dat sent 2 my house with payahnya,n me going dwn 2 take it wit all my courage..haha..thre is a story bhind it..biar jg pngalaman yg mengajar n membina,hoho

okei~~time 2 sleep k?hurm..inshaAllah bgn lg nnt pas midnite,hoho..chayo2 shahirah!!!!(dun knw nw i like pple cll me my fulname...even actly nly my arab lecturer call me dat name..n oso amirah at her shop, reli like r..nama 2 kan doa,better they call 'shahirah' which mean famous than 'shasha' which mean radiant...mna2 jak la..k,salam...

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