Saturday, February 26, 2011

care?? I??

As salam (^_^)v

diz post is quite long,haha
quite a while since last post..tnet slow abes ging!!huhu..few times giving up mw tunggu page ni kluar,haha..

lot's of thing 2 say out loud..
malas suda sebab belambak suda..
tnet punya pasal la ni,x ok,then banyak ttangguh,huhu..
okei..lets move on..

bout dat title up there..
hurm..i've been thinking lately..
not lately,juz now actualy,haha..

it's bout frenship actually..
yup,FRIENDSHIP..(I spell it wrong up there,haha..)
u know,I tend to be veri care 2 my fren..haha..
actualy dat not da thing..

I got a fren,a long lost fren??
nope~~we juz text each other diz aftrnoon..
first text after a few months,haha..lucu~~

we used 2 be close..
u know close like C.L.O.S.E..

even have da same basketball shoe..
(but mine wit diff shoelace)

we study together..
hear song together..while study,via earphone..hoho..
we dine together..

practice 4 KAKOM together..
even I'm at da netball court..n he at da basketball court..

laugh together..
cry together,at diff time..
tp ada satu kejadian kmi nngis sama2,haha..lucu~~

diff tutorial class n lecture hall..
but still,can meet few times a day..
sbab kmi tukar2 lecture hall..

we have same BIG passion on basketball,hoho..
he play basketball well (jaga ati,haha)..
tapi serius,he play okay..
juz cannot control himself kdg2,haha..
(mcm ko jg PG dlu smooth shasha,hoho)

da best same thing bout us..
both took PHYSIC in matrix..
but ending up in opposite course,haha..
me a doc-to-be,inshaAllah..
n him a MA-to-be,AMIN~~

tp kwn2 slalu tny..
"sha,ko xda feeling ka sma dia even kamu rapat g2??LANGSUNG??"
soalan xble blah dr orang ramai yg mngenali kami..
even skulmate..
kwn2 sy amat kecewa kamu btanya demkian,haha...
serius sy katakan..
"sy xda feeling laaaaaaangsung sama dia,haha.."
kalau ada,xda kami bkawan g2 lama,haha..
ikut kamu2 la maw pecaya ka x,haha..


sy memang care gla2 sama dia..
smpai org ble pkir we hav feelings to each other..
kalau dia demam,wow..i wud call non stop,haha..
ble dia depress satu ari 2,i cook maggi goreng 4 bfast,haha.
but then I realized sumthing..
dat only me care dat much..haha..
bekira ka maksud dia 2??
but still..
sumtimes sy tpikir..
"knp la mw sibuk2 care,dia bkn kisah pun..buat penat jak.."

am I rite??
dat actly make us lost cnnction..
I gave up..yup,I do..haha..
mula2 mmg susah..
but constantly reminding myself..
"shasha,stop doing things dat is nothing 2 dat pple u r doing.."
lama2,besa suda,hehe..

actly tadi d CP,mw jmp dia..
last time kali..mnataw pas ni x suda jumpa,mw balik sda kan..
but then after texting him few times,x suda ada 2 smngt mw jumpa..
ya,tfikir td..
"ko jak smangat mw jumpa ni..dia xmw pun jumpa ko kali.."
so I cancel it,haha..

n I'm okay wit it..
glad I made dat decision..hehe..
but diz things did give impact to me a lil..
koz sumtimes tfikir jgk bnda yg sama bla start mw care ngn other fren..
"do I over do it until they dun like it n they dun even care wat I do??"

to dat old fren of mine..
I dunno wat 2 do wit our frenship..
but da things for sure..
owez pray 4 u..
do try 2 stop smoke ok??huhu..
c ya in few years more in any hospitals here..
n didn't contact u doesn't mean I forgot..

2jak la..panjang ka??dunno la,haha..
nw 1 of my fren sakit..n I'm trying my best 2 help...
but then,da story above remind me..hurm..
but diz fren of mine is not like dat fren of mine..I'M SURE ENUF..

dear sahabat yg sakit itu..jgn lupa makan ubat n control ur diet..n 4 sure take sum rest..not sum.A LOT,hoho..

~ lots of love, shasha ~


  1. i know him~~
    lets pray he will stop sucking the cigarettes ya?
    missed him too...

  2. missed him??
    not reli,haha..
    not missing him sis..haha..
    xda faedah..


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