Tuesday, February 8, 2011

one of my bad day there in EGYPT..

**catatan d hari stress,haha..

Salam (^_^)v

12.22PM in CAIRO,1 FEBRUARI 2011..

My 3rd day in my early 20..hurm..

“dik,mcmna dsna??”

G2 la msg dr along d surabaya td..sori long,its nt dat i dun wan 2 reply u..i can’t..huhu..td mw rply abah pun xdpt..sending failed tp cut kdt..sgt menyakitkan hati..kol abah trus td..n i cried..last thing i wanna do is crying while calling them in Malaysia..shasha,napa la nngs..stress ka??yup,kinda..or PMS kali kan..hurm,sori abah klu kc risau,myb diz daughter of yours cnnot hold for any longer anymore..

What is happening here??chaos i think..at least nt here in “RUMAH SABAH” which is my official hometown i n Egypt nw..but out there,who would ever knw..i haven’t come out there since my 1st day of my 20..jz watch news on CNN by tv at da living room..kinda scary out there..saw a shooting scene diz morning on tv..okei,at last im still safe here..Alhamdulillah..

Frens from Zagazig called diz morning..our frens there alrdy cn go out from their home n go buy thngs..is it true??alhamdulillah,they r safe..but deep in heart,reli jealous wit them..live in peace..am i jealous koz it is peace there or im juz jealous coz i cant go out from home like they are..hurm..hold a bit longer shasha..pray dat thngs would b alrite then..

Many rumours around here..n rite nw,i wont believe wit any rumour anymore..dat actly make me building more n more hope inside here..inside diz newly 2o yrs old gurl..

-They will send us to neighbouring country..pack up our thngs,coz we will start moving at any time..

-We will go back to Malaysia..PM alrdy give his words to take us back home..

-We need 600L.E. in case we wud go back 2 Malysia..

-We need 2 go 2 Jeddah..after da early plan is cancel 2 go to Jordan..

Im tired!!tired 4 hoping any of da above will come true..stop dreaming shasha!!dat all was jz sweet talk 2 make u feel better..huh!!

I jz hope thngs would go back to normal..like da past 3months im here..reli miss all dat..like “live happily ever after”..nw??huh!!its nt dat i wn 2 go back Malaysia n dun wan 2 go backe here..if anything will happen,i wish 2 cntinue my study here..no other place except here..i fall in love wit EGYPT,bt nt diz part of coz..

MAY I??WAKE UP 2MORROW MORNING N EVRTHNG IS BACK TO NORMAL,N I CN GO BACK 2 ZAGAZIG..i missed dat place..missed my frens..i cant afford thnking of nt going back there..i cant!!

1 thng i wud like 2 wish..wish 29th January 2011 never come..my birthday..y??koz dats where it all start..where the curfew start..where the chaotic atmosphere around Salam start..where i spent my last nite at my bed b4 coming here..wish dat day never happen..my 2o start wit thngs like diz..inshaAllah,HE has reason 4 all diz..


jz spill out my feeling nw here..inshaAllah when da connection is available again,u may read diz..

~ lots of love, shasha ~

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