Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wing defend~~

As salam (^_^)v

found link to these videos..nt direct link la,sy tengok2 link2 yang ada jg sana..

" I'm between him n da basket..but at the same time I see da basketball.."
" I wanna stay contact,but at the same time I wanna see da basketball.."
" ..but if I'm connected to him too close,he can juz pop out n catch da ball n switch spot where ever he wants da basketball.."
" ..but the key,owez stand da defense stand and at da same time be low and have a gud feel where u guy is at all time.."

" ..I still wanna keep my hand out here so he make a further pass away from the basket.."
" ..I gotta b square on him at all time.."
" he goes,I wanna slide n keep my foot tryin' to cut him off towards the base line.."
" ...I don't owez has to block it,it owez important to give a good contest no matter where he shoot the basketball from.."

yg ni xda dia cakap team kami selalu wat gni tw dlu??salah satu set kami..which is "WING SHOOT"..ada lg satu set,"GUARD SHOOT" n satu lg yg sy slalu kena shoot 3point.."CENTER SHOOT"..bkn sebab sy center,jz sebab masa bola dluar 2 sy yg d tengah..n sy yg tetapkan sepa yg sy maw bagi..kiri or knan,hehe..

vdio2 ni best r..n dat guy,
Tayshaun Prince
tgk comment2 mcm di gud in defense as a sy mw tgk la dia main2 pas ni..boleh blajar defense..

ptg ni vdio2 basketball jak la,gnti xdpt pg main,hehe..

~ lots of love, shasha ~

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