Wednesday, March 2, 2011

heart of mine from Allah..

As salam (^_^)v

lets talk bout some things dat make my heart pump lil quickly juz now..


thing dat owez make my heart pump quickly than normal..
nooooo~~not abnormalities k??hehe..
SQL tahun ni d Labuan..
start ari ni kalau xclap..
u know wat??(ofkoz la xtaw..)
serius ni,x main2,huhu..
untuk rasa balik n alami balik mcmna keadaan HKSBP..
thinking of it already make my heart pump faster..huhu..
wish sum1 wud understand how I feel rite nw!!huhu..

may I stop talking bout da other "thing" as I said before n focus on diz matter??
(4 sure I blog anyway..if dun wanna read,my pleasure 2 leave,nw..)

since I'm desperately wanna see a basketball match..
myb sebab kempunan ZABAC ari 2,haha..

maybe it wouldn't b da same by only watching it..
but I wud b grateful 2 c dat "spirit" again..
wat spirit??
dat "I love my team" spirit..

where we support each other..
taking care of each other back..
backup other when they hav probs..

when U hurts physically or mentally,they r there..
when U choose da wrong person to be ur BF,they ask u to leave him..haha..

celebrate all members birthdays??sure..
xcept yg bday masa ujung tahun..kan holiday~~hehe..

even latihan biasa like lay up or shooting..
"cmmon (team mmbers name)"
hey~~I miss yell like dat so much..

"gegaran" :D
SMESHian basketballer jak yg pro wat 2 tw~~haha

I reli can't stop crying..
n there still a lot more 2 say..
wish my lappy can read wat in my heart nw..
dat make it pump faster than normal..
n spill it out here now..

its too many..can't dscribe by words..
how much I missed basketball..
nt only to play..
but my teammates..
da routine..
our yell..our laugh..our SPIRITS..

keep thinking..
will I b ever playing basketball again??
nt only play,but feel da spirits again..
ya~~im afraid to involve again..
4 sure with da new teammates..
I might cry again on my first day of training..
will I??

I never tired crying because of basketball..
koz evry year I would cry..
after da HKSBP end..
koz I might think..
"I wish diz would never end..we would stay n continue being diz close..only us,da team..with our basketball life..nothing else but da SPIRITS between siblings.."
HKSBP 2008 was da hardest 4 me..few weeks at home n I still cry missing my teamates..
sangat cengeng..but dats me..

give me some time..
so I would calm myself a lil bit..
n not leaving da house early morning heading to Labuan..

guess my entry diz time is not as expected.. :'(

instead of family pic..i bring my team pic to Egypt before..da one dat they give us 5 at da farewell party..I dunno y,but I juz can't leave my team behind..


~ lots of love, shasha ~

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