Tuesday, August 23, 2011

as time passed by~~ ^^

As salam (^_^)v

time flies,and we usually don't realize it..
yup,my holiday coming to an end..
just like Ramadhan,so do my holiday..
I don't really sure enough..
I'm sad because of Ramadhan is going to end or my holiday?
sure enough,I don't have much spirit for Raya..

I should have finish my revision by now..
n yet,I'm still at my last point I checked..
reading CVS now..
n I can't keep my eyes close for long enough to finish 2 pages..
yup,2 pages..huh..
I have less than a month,n my effort still not enough..
n I understand I'm using "enough" many times already..
lack of vocab,shame on you doctor-to-be..

it's kind of pointless entry,right?
cause I have so much to say..
but thinking again,it's not worth to spill it out here..
I've been whining too much bout life..
and yes,ungrateful human I am..

p/s:should be more longer but have problem with blogger,can't save my previous session,lets just end it here k?hoho

~ lots of love, shasha ~

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