Wednesday, August 24, 2011

glad to have u ^^

As salam (^_^)v

U a.k.a. anda a.k.a. sahabat a.k.a. friends ^^

diz morning I called Attiq a.k.a my twins..
a call to tell her to watch TV3 cause there is something good to watch..
ustazah give talk bout how to gain easy pahala during this end of Ramadhan..
then she start to ask bout my study..
I told her I'm reading CVS..
n her,"lambat juga?knpa baru sna tu?bla bla bla bla.."

then Nong call me..
n ask have I start..
we discuss a lil bout study..
n I told her when I'm going back to Cairo,huhu..
better keep it secret sis..
she ask why I want to make it as a secret?hoho..

pastu calling sma Afnan..
the same..
still bout my study..
I got quick pop quiz,haha..
n yet,at the end of dat call..
"bh,study ah.."

I got txt msg from Afrah too..
she explained to me about dat cAMP thing..
n from Umie too diz early morning..
bout da same thing also..

"glad to have u"
frens dat owez remind me bout my study..
yet,now I'm blogging,haha..
know what?even my parents never ask me to study..
that's why for having people like u,I'm very grateful bout it..

so here,I wanna thank you to all..
who being there during my hard time..
during I'm down..
who never failed to remind me to STUDY..

"There is reason behind secrets.."
dat should b my answer to Nong's question up there..
building myself to face dat day..
hope I'm tougher than usual on dat day ^^
that particular day,where I wish I don't have close friend ever..
n dat day,I only need HIM..
so HE will watch me n protect me all da way..

p/s:Along just arrive at home..welcome back!! ^^

~ lots of love, shasha ~


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